7 Steps to make a successful transition from employment to consultancy

When You Attend, You Will Learn...

 If you’re new to consulting or thinking about taking the leap then my new webinar is going to answer all those questions you just don’t know who to ask:


  • Do I have what it takes to be a consultant?

  • How do I actually set up a consulting business?

  • What is a capability statement?

  • How do I win business?

  • How do I let my connections know I’m now a consultant?


I understand transitioning to be a solo consultant from the security of full-time employment within the public sector can be daunting. And if those closest to you are risk averse, you may not get the support you need to ever make the leap.


How do I know this?


18 years ago, I took the leap myself. After a decade of working in the public health sector, I took up the challenge of starting my own solo consulting business providing expert advice to address complex issues in health organisations.


And I haven’t looked back.


There are so many benefits to the life of a solo consultant – a flexible lifestyle, more money and more choice about the projects you work on are my top three, but there are many more. I know that I could never go back to being an employee. And every consultant I know feels the same.


So if you’re a new consultant or considering making the move to consultancy, I encourage you to take an hour out of your day for my webinar.


Just click the button above to register.


You won’t regret it.